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    Welcome to the Northeastern University International Relations Council

    To get a taste of what the IRC is all about, simply stop by one of our weekly meetings! This week we’ll be meeting on Wednesday at 6:45 pm in Robinson 409!

  • About Us

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    Weekly Meetings

    Weekly simulations are written up and chaired by members of our E-Board, brought start to finish across 3 - 4 weeks from initial debates to presenting fleshed out papers.

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    Travel Conferences

    Try out for our conferences slates as we travel to DC, Montreal, and London as well as conferences hosted in Boston itself. Prominent conferences on our slate include NUMAL, IMNATO, MCMUN, BARMUN, and others.

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    Hosting Conferences

    We host several of our own conferences on the Northeastern University Campus through UNAGB and NCUSAR such as RMUN and NERMAL.

  • Events

    We host external club events such as:

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    Sunday Sims


    Want more practice for conferences or can't make it to club? We host extra simulations occasionally with focuses on unique topics!

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    Alumni Throwdowns


    Ever wanted to meet the older generation of IRC members? Join us at our Alumni Throwdowns where you can see them in action and here their stories.

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    And More!


    Additional events such as but not limited to Mug Painting, Fundraisers, IRC Assasin, and Semi-Formals.

  • E-Board and Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

    IRC Constitution